Bandir JMusicfx 1:

This is a percussive musical instrument of Moroccan heritage.

Its raw high quality samples 48000khz 24bit.

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Bandir JMusicfx 1:

The Bendir is a traditional Moroccan percussion instrument, deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of North African music.

This large frame drum, known for its distinctive, resonant sound, is a staple in Moroccan Chaabi music and various other folk genres.

The Bendir's unique sound is achieved through its stretched Mostly goat leather skin head and snares, which create a buzzing effect when played.

This instrument is often used in communal celebrations, weddings, and other festive events, bringing people together through its vibrant rhythms.

I have meticulously crafted the Bendir kit v1 samples to run seamlessly on the Native Instruments Battery 4 VST program.

These samples capture the authentic essence of the Bendir, allowing music makers to infuse their compositions with genuine Moroccan percussive sounds.

This Bendir kit v1 is available at a cheap price in my online store, making it an accessible and valuable addition to any music creator's toolkit.

In The Zip File After Download:

1: Content

2 :Bandir Kit JMusicfx 1 For Drums 4.0.2 Or Mor

3 :Bandir JMusicfx 1 png

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14 oct 2020