This time, I have prepared a high-quality Free Moroccan Guembri instruments For Kontakt 5.6.6 Or Mor.

48000khz, 24bit, I hope you will like it.

Demo Videos:

What Is This :

Guembri instrument:

The Guembri, also known as the Sintir, is a traditional Moroccan instrument deeply rooted in the musical traditions of the Gnawa people.

This three-stringed bass lute, crafted from wood and camel skin, produces a rich, resonant sound that is central to Gnawa music a genre blending African, Berber, and Arabic influences.

The Guembri is not just an instrument; it is a vessel of cultural expression, spirituality, and communal storytelling.
Its hypnotic rhythms and melodies are integral to ceremonies and celebrations, invoking a deep connection to ancestral heritage.

In recognition of its cultural significance, I have meticulously recreated the Guembri for the Native Instruments Kontakt program.

This virtual instrument is available for free, enabling musicians worldwide to infuse their compositions with the unique and evocative sounds of the Moroccan Guembri.

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Download :

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17 oct. 2020