This time, I have prepared a high-quality Free Zurnainstruments For Kontakt 5.6.6 Or Mor.
48000khz, 24bit, I hope you will like it.

Demo Videos:

What Is This :

Zurna instrument:

The Zurna is a traditional wind instrument widely used in folk music across various cultures, particularly in The Maghreb in North Africa and Middle East, Central Asia, and the Balkans.

Known for its powerful, piercing sound, the Zurna is often played in outdoor celebrations, weddings, and festivals.

Its unique timbre is achieved through a double reed, and it is typically accompanied by drums, creating an energetic and festive atmosphere.

The Zurna has been an integral part of many musical traditions, from Turkish and Persian classical music to Armenian and Azerbaijani folk tunes.

It has also found its place in modern music, blending with contemporary genres to add a distinctive ethnic flavor.

To support music creators, I have made a virtual Zurna instrument available for free for users of the Kontakt program,

enabling composers to incorporate this rich, cultural sound into their music projects effortlessly.

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Download :

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19 oct. 2020