Ta3rija Morocco Kit:

This is a percussive musical instrument of Moroccan heritage.

Its raw high quality samples 48000khz 24bit.

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What Is This :

Ta3rija Morocco:

The Ta3rija is a traditional Moroccan percussion instrument that holds a significant place in the rich tapestry of Moroccan music.

Crafted from leather and clay, this hand drum is renowned for its distinct, resonant sound that has been a staple in Moroccan folk music, Andalusian music, and the poetic art of Malhun.

Its vibrant rhythms are commonly heard in local celebrations and communal gatherings, where it brings people together in joyous musical expression.

I have meticulously crafted the Ta3rija Morocco Kit samples to be compatible with the Native Instruments Battery 4 VST program.

These samples capture the authentic essence of the Ta3rija, allowing music makers to infuse their compositions with genuine Moroccan rhythms.

The Ta3rija Morocco Kit is available in my online store at a very affordable price, making it accessible for all music enthusiasts.

In The Zip File After Download:

0: Update Taarija Maroc JMusicfx V2 (Mix Chaabi And 3issawa) For Drums 4.0.2 Or Mor

1: Taarija Morocco JMusicfx V1 For Drums 4.1.6 Or Mor

2: ta3rija 3issawa V1 for battery 4.1.6 or Mor

3: ta3reja jm jmusicfx png

4: text info

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24 avr 2021