Darboca Morocco JMusicfx kit: 

This is a percussive musical instrument of Arabic heritage.

Its raw high quality samples 48000khz 24bit.

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Demo Videos:

What Is This :

The Darbuka:

The Darbuka, is a traditional Arabic percussion instrument renowned for its distinctive sound and versatile rhythmic capabilities.

This goblet-shaped drum is a staple in Middle Eastern music, celebrated for its ability to produce deep, resonant bass tones and sharp, crisp high notes.

Typically made from materials such as ceramic, metal, or wood, the Darbuka is played with a combination of finger techniques, creating intricate and lively rhythms that are integral to Arabic music and dance.

I am excited to introduce my specially crafted Darbuka kit, complete with high-quality samples designed to run seamlessly on the Native Instruments Battery 4 VST program.

This kit is available at a very affordable price in my online store, making it accessible for music makers looking to infuse their productions with authentic Arabic percussion.

In The Zip File After Download:

1: Text content

2: Darboca JMusicfx Kit For Drums 4.0.2 Or Mor ,,,

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30 juil 2021