Please find information about the Moroccan bandir samples pack for Native Instruments Battery 4 below.

The pack includes 2 high-quality instrument kits with detailed content information provided at the end of the article.

I hope you find this helpful.

Demo Videos:

What Is This :

Native Instrument Battery 4 is one of the best sampler programs to play drum kits and record beats on music software such as Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and others. 

I have prepared a package for you that contains samples of the Moroccan Bandir percussion instrument.

This instrument is used in popular and traditional Moroccan songs. 

The samples were taken with high quality to ensure excellent results during mixing.

I hope you enjoy using them.

Pack kits Moroccan Bandir 2 Percussion:

wav info:



You will find in the zip file after download:

1: Content (7.4 MB)
3 :Bandir_JMusicfx_2 png
4: info txt

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10 janv 2022

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