Tam-Tam Morocco JMusicfx kit:                                                           

I hope you like it. This is a leather percussive musical instrument of Moroccan heritage. Its raw samples have been recorded in high quality.

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In The Zip File After Download:

Tam-Tam Morocco JMusicfx For Battery 4.0.2 Or Mor ,,,

working on Battery 4.0.2 or a newer version
You will find in the zip file after download :
1 :Content
2 :Tam-Tam Morocco JMusicfx.zip (19,8 Mo)
3 :Tam-Tam Morocco JMusicfx png
4 :info txt

Demo Videos:

additional information:

Moroccan tamtama instruments:

The instrument we are referring to goes by several names, such as tamama, darbuka, or tabila.

It has a rich history in Moroccan art and has been used by many famous artists, including Nass El-Ghawan, Masnawa, Jil Jalala, and Mashaheb.

This instrument is handmade by skilled craftsmen who are often either players themselves or have inherited the craft from their fathers and grandfathers.

It is made using a natural mixture of clay and leather, with seashell ornaments sometimes added.

This is just a brief introduction to the tam tam instrument, which I have prepared for you using the default music software, Native Instruments Battery 4.


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