Tumba Kit:

This is a percussive musical instrument.

Its raw high quality samples 48000khz 24bit.

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What Is This :


The Tumba, also known as the conga drum, is a captivating and versatile percussion instrument originating from Afro-Cuban musical traditions.

It has transcended its cultural roots to become a fundamental component in various music genres around the world.

Known for its deep, resonant sound, the Tumba plays a crucial role in creating rhythmic foundations and adding dynamic textures to musical compositions.

The traditional construction of the Tumba involves hollowing out a single piece of hardwood and stretching a calfskin drumhead over the open top.

This method produces a warm, natural tone with a rich harmonic content.

The body of the drum, typically hourglass-shaped, allows for a comfortable grip and efficient resonance.

Modern Tumbas may feature fiberglass or metal shells for added durability, and synthetic heads to withstand changes in temperature and humidity.

I have developed a Tumba kit specifically designed for the Native Instruments Battery 4 program.

Whether you are producing traditional Afro-Cuban music, experimenting with fusion genres, or looking to add unique percussive elements to your tracks, the Tumba kit for Battery 4 offers a versatile and high-quality solution.

Available at an affordable price in my online store, this kit provides an accessible way for musicians and producers to enhance their projects with the distinctive sound of the Tumba.

By offering this Tumba kit, I aim to make the profound and captivating sound of this iconic instrument available to a broader audience.

Its inclusion in the Battery 4 vst instruments program ensures that music makers can easily integrate these samples into their workflows, enriching their compositions with the timeless rhythms and tones of the Tumba.

In The Zip File After Download:

1: Contant
2:Tumba JMusicfx.zip
3:Tumba png
4: info txt

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20 oct 2022