Percussion Bandir With Taarija Bonus Wav Loops:

I am pleased to offer you a pack of Moroccan bandir percussion loops, which comes with a bonus of Moroccan taarija loops as well.

The loops are of the highest quality, and you can find detailed information about the contents of the package at the bottom of this article.

I hope you will enjoy using these loops, and I appreciate your support.

Demo Videos:

What Is This :

The Loops Pack comprises high-quality recordings of percussion instruments such as bandir and taarija.
You can easily add them to your musical project on any software such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, and others.
 The loops are already prepared, so you don't need to modify them. The package includes loops with different bpm speeds, so you can choose one that suits your project. For example, if your project bpm is 120, select a loop with a lower bpm such as 119, 100, or 94. This will help you to complete your project without any delay.


Bandir Percussion Instruments:

The bendir is a percussion instrument that is commonly used in Moroccan and Amazigh folk music.

It is a type of leather drum that plays a significant role in the country's musical heritage by providing traditional rhythms and being an essential part of chaabi and chalha amazigh cultural performances.

The bendir is known for its unique and powerful sound, making it a prominent feature in traditional shows and folk concerts held in Morocco and Amazigh regions.

Taarija Percussion Instruments:

The Tarija is a traditional Moroccan musical instrument, consisting of a leather drum with a clay frame that is decorated with ornate designs.

It is often used in Moroccan chaabi music, Malhun art, and Andalusian music.

The Tarija holds a special place in the country's cultural traditions, particularly in celebrations and gatherings such as achoraa days, where neighbors come together to play folk rhythms and traditional songs accompanied by the Tarija and Bandir percussion.

Pack Loops Moroccan Percussion Bandir Wth Taarija Bonus:





_with bpm info

In The Zip File After Download:

1 :pack_bandir






2 :Taarija Bonus


3 :Pack Loop Bandir_Taarija Bonus png

4 :info txt

5 :JMusicfx licence

The file size is compressed:

91.3 mb

File size after decompression:

168,4 Mb

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29,99 $US

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16 janv 2024

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